Evanna Lynch from 'Harry Potter' banishes homophobic fans

Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch Banishes Homophobic Followers
Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch Banishes Homophobic Followers

Upon the legalization of same-sex marriage in Ireland last Saturday, "Harry Potter" actress Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood kindly asked her homophobic fans to unfollow her on social media.

After a plethora of homophobic trolls littered her Instagram feed with hate, she took to Facebook to share her thoughts on such hatred.

In a polite and non-aggressive manner, Lynch writes, "Simply, if you are someone who perceives homosexuality as 'disgusting' or 'f***ed up' or 'unnatural', will you do me a kindness and please unfollow me on all social media platforms. And then block me."Her post does not end there. She continues her lengthy commentary:

"If I was someone who wanted to devote her life to fighting this fight to expand people's minds on the definition of marriage and to break down people's prejudices towards homosexuality I would probably encourage this constant antagonistic debate and I would invite the radicals to do verbal morality battles with me. But this is not my life's purpose, it's just life as I see it, something I endorse and the nasty, scathing and downright cruel remarks just Wear. Me. Out."

Rather than implementing intense activism, the actress simply stated her intolerance of social media fiends spreading messages she disagrees with on her feeds. She supported Ireland's popular vote and defended her own beliefs without being loud and abrasive.

The actress also brought religion into the mix, assuring readers that religion does not promote disrespectful homophobia. She writes:

"Please don't for a second pin the intolerance and hatred you spread on 'religion' for no religion endorses the darkness you're spreading. It is possible to not like the idea of homosexuality, to find it a wholly alien, uncomfortable concept and to NOT impose this view on the people it affects and above all to NOT shame people for the way they are."

As her "Harry Potter" character's last name suggests, Lynch asserts that both she and her character embrace positivity, love, and honesty. She writes to "Harry Potter" fans that Luna represents "a GOOD kind of love. It is not conditional or possessive or needy or demanding. It doesn't fall apart the moment you expose a piece of yourself that is unconventional or even unbecoming."

Since filming the movies, Lynch has remained involved with The Harry Potter Alliance. She promotes love, goodness, and positive change. Despite her hard work, dark and difficult times lie ahead. Character will be tested. Let the magic begin.

Click through this slideshow to see pictures of Evanna Lynch spreading goodness throughout the years:

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