Connected Episode 19: Heading home

Connected S1:E19  Heading Home
Connected S1:E19 Heading Home

The AOL Originals docu-series, "Connected," follows New Yorkers as they film themselves without the interruption of a camera crew in a fresh twist on the unscripted format.

Among the cast is Derek Gaines, a couch-surfing comedian who got a big break while shooting the series when he was signed onto the first season of MTV's Broke A$$ Game Show.

After hearing that his show was renewed, Gaines celebrated with his mother over the phone. "We did it! Season two! Season two!" he hollers. "We did it, mom!"

But this good news was quickly followed by a scary incident that emotionally rocked Gaines. See why a photo of his accident brought him to tears 18:30 into the video.

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