Cee Lo Green inadvertently helps fund journalism on ISIS


This week's issue of 'The New Yorker'features a story about teenagers who join ISIS. The article was written by 24-year-old Ben Taub, who has never written for the magazine before and just graduated from Columbia Journalism School last week.

In case you still thought Taub's résumé looked a little thin, he also appeared on 'The Voice', where he sang on Cee Lo Green's team and discovered a new way to fund journalism in the 21st century. Taub used the stipend NBC gave contestants during the show's taping to pay for a trip to the Syrian border to report out the story.

Cee Lo Green Enters No Contest Plea In Drug Case
Cee Lo Green Enters No Contest Plea In Drug Case

Taub went on 'Morning Joe' this morning to discuss his story and confessed that he first became interested in Middle Eastern politics after he "chased a girlfriend to Cairo during the Egyptian revolution."

To summarize, we have learned in the past decade that going on reality television can help one become a congressional candidate, a member of Congress, an Oscar winner, and, now, a 'New Yorker' writer.


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