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What Cleveland's DOJ Settlement Could Look Like
What Cleveland's DOJ Settlement Could Look Like

1. Cleveland has reached an agreement with the Department of Justice over a pattern of excessive force and civil rights violations from their police force. Read more here.

2. Iraq on Tuesday announced the launch of a military operation to drive ISIS out of the western Anbar province. Read more here.

3. Russia has announced radical plans to finance the 2018 World Cup, saying they will use prison labor in order to cut costs. This plan would allow prisoners to be taken from their camps to work at factories to reduce costs of building materials. Read more here.

4. After he was arrested in California on a domestic violence charge, The Chicago Bears released defensive end Ray McDonald. Read more here.

5. Prince Harry has finally met his niece Princess Charlotte! The red-headed royal returned to the UK this weekend and just before playing in a charity polo match, was able to visit his brother and sister-in-law at Amner Hall. Read more here.

6. Massive storms have swept through Texas, leaving a state of emergency in their wake. 12 people are missing Tuesday after floodwaters from a rain-swollen river swept a vacation home off its foundation. Read more here.