The ultimate showdown: puppies vs. babies

Adorable: Moment Baby Meets Puppy
Adorable: Moment Baby Meets Puppy

A very typical get-to-know-you question people commonly ask: "Are you a cat person or a dog person?" While this question remains valid, viral videos today seem to pin dogs against babies in the ultimate showdown of cuteness.

You love watching newborn puppies slip and slide excitedly around the living room. You appreciate the old lab who fears walking through doorways. You melt at the guilty puppy eyes of the sneaky little fur ball who got into the food pantry.

But don't jump on the dog wagon too quickly. Babies put up a fair fight. Just look at those cheeks! Nothing brightens your day like a giggling baby laughing at the funny noises her dad makes. You love watching videos of those little diaper-clad divas bopping around to the Justin Bieber soundtrack.

Essentially, it all comes down to this: chubby cheeks or floppy ears? While we all have our respective teams, we can't deny that nothing stirs the feels like a baby and puppy interacting in one video. So let's blend the teams together for an awe-inspiring mixture of cheeks, ears, snores, giggles, and wags. Babies and puppies join forces to take over the internet. It's babies' and dogs' world, we're just living in it.

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Click through this slideshow to see adorable pictures of the world's cutest babies and puppies:

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