Taylor Swift reveals the 'hardest part' of touring

Calvin Harris Confirms He's Met Taylor Swift's Cats

Taylor Swift has never been shy about declaring her love for her cats. And as it turns out when she heads overseas to tour, she really misses them.

"When I was starting out I'd go on tour for three months and I was gone for three months. Now almost 10 years in I thank God we get to play bigger shows so I don't have to play as many," she told BBC Radio 1. "If we're playing stadiums, I'll do two or three a week, not five shows a week, then I get to fly home in between. It's not that bad."

"It's not that hard. It's made out to be harder than it is," she further said, adding, "I do have to leave the cats behind when I leave the country, which is the hardest part."

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Taylor Swift reveals the 'hardest part' of touring
I woke up like thissss (With a cat on me)
We look over and Dixie is hugging Olivia, they're just lost in this kitten/toddler embrace that went on so long I had time to go get my camera and take this. @lilyaldridge
She was completely exhausted from all the other naps she had taken that day.
It feels like one of those nights...
They've come a long way since the hourly cat fights of the past.
"Is that a proper cat?" -John Cleese PS Meredith in the background just straight chillin.
In honor of #NationalCatDay, here is a photo of that one time I caught Meredith and Olivia cuddling.
Last time I let my parents cat-sit, this portrait session/photo shoot happened. There's really no telling what I'll be coming back to this time...
And now, after a long week, I'm about to be all.......
I feel like I just interrupted a very important conversation.
This is a good example of what I typically wear on planes, in front of lots of other people who all have eyes.
Has anyone ever told you that you look like a baby polar bear?
Meet Olivia Benson.
This has Been going on for 20 minutes and I even took a picture and it is still going on. #CatStaredown #MerStare
My cats wish they had thumbs so bad. I see them staring at mine like all jealous.
Video shoot early tomorrow, so my Grammy after-party situation looks like.........
The welcome wagon.
Chillin before I Heart Radio Festival tonight.
So, this posture situation right now..
We look over and Dixie is hugging Olivia, they're just lost in this kitten/toddler embrace that went on so long I had time to go get my camera and take this. @lilyaldridge

Currently on her massive 1989 tour, the singer did reveal the one thing that helps her get through a world trek like the one she's currently undertaking. "Any kind of coffee I can get," she said. "I'm that sort of person that needs coffee every day or I feel like something's a little weird."

And when she comes off stage, Swift dished about what she likes to do. "That's the best part of this [touring]. When you walk off stage and you're drenched in sweat and you're tired and your legs hurt... it feels like you're really working for the job," she said. "It's nice to feel tired after a show. I'm like 'Oh my God, I'm finally doing something'. I really like the feeling of: 'You know what? I've been busy. I deserve this watching two hours of TV at the end of the night'."

Her show of choice? "I like Friends because I've seen every episode, so it's like switching my brain off. I know exactly what they're about to say."

As for her busy life as a touring pop superstar, she noted, "It's not that hard, I'm telling you now it's really not. Sometimes I really don't think it's that hard at all."

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