Pizza Hut turns pizza boxes into movie projectors

Pizza Hut Turns Pizza Boxes Into Movie Projectors
Pizza Hut Turns Pizza Boxes Into Movie Projectors

Pizza Hut Hong Kong now lets you watch a movie while you eat your pizza!

Not to rain on their parade or anything, but... people can already do this. It's called the Blockbuster Box. Blockbuster as in, big blockbuster movies - not the video rental store Netflix put out of business.

The Blockbuster Box was created for Pizza Hut Hong Kong by ad agency Ogilvy and Mather. Yes, the same Ogilvy mentioned in 'Mad Men.'

Here's how it works -- after you place your order you pick one of four boxes -- depending on what you're in the mood to watch: horror, sci-fi, romance, or thriller. You know that little plastic table in the middle of the pizza? It's normally there to keep the pie from sticking to the top of the box, but this time it has another purpose: housing the projector lens. Once the pizza is delivered you punch the hole out of the side of the box, put in the lens, scan the code to get your free short film, and then position your phone on the mini table thing.

If you happen to hate the movie Pizza Hut chose for you, you can just watch something on Netflix or YouTube. The only thing is that you'll probably have to move your TV out of the way to get all that white wall space you'll need.