Photo of WNC Marine and bride praying before wedding goes viral

Photo of Marine and Bride in Prayer Goes Viral
Photo of Marine and Bride in Prayer Goes Viral

HAYWOOD COUNTY, N.C. -- U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Caleb Earwood and his bride Maggie didn't want to see each other before they walked down the aisle on Saturday, but they did want to pray together. The couple avoided looking at each other, and held hands.

"I felt it's right that we should have said a prayer, I asked God to protect us, to help us," Cpl. Earwood said.

Credit: Dwayne Schmidt Photography

The couple told WYFF News 4 over Facetime from their honeymoon that in the quiet moments before they said their vows, emotions took over.

"At first I grabbed his hand, and I felt shaking so I knew that he was nervous and I just started praying. Then I just started crying, I couldn't keep it in or anything like that, it was too much," Maggie Earwood said.

"Everybody in the room started getting emotional and crying and here I'm trying not to water up and get teary-eyed so I can see to do my job," said Dwayne Schmidt, the Earwoods' wedding photographer.

Schmidt captured the picture right before the couple walked down the aisle at Camp Daniel Boone in Haywood County. The picture has now captured the hearts of people around the country. There are thousands of likes and shares on Facebook.

"I've had a lot of people message me and say, 'In today's world, thank you for showing this is the way it should be,'" Schmidt said.

The Earwoods say they're surprised by all of the attention the picture has gotten. They say it was a coincidence that their wedding day fell on Memorial Day weekend.

Cpl. Earwood hopes the picture reminds people to take a moment on Memorial Day to remember the sacrifice made by members of the military.

"I have friends that I've lost. I remember them every day and I know what this day is about," Earwood said.

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