New 'Feminist Mad Max' is even better than 'Feminist Ryan Gosling'

'Mad Max' An 'Incredible Feminist Movie'
'Mad Max' An 'Incredible Feminist Movie'

Hey girl, looks like there's a new feminist icon in town. Last year, we littered our friends' Facebook feeds with "Feminist Ryan Gosling" memes. The memes contained quotes beginning with "Hey girl" and ending with empowering statements about gender equality and women's rights. The quotes accompanied excellent pictures of Gosling, generally with a sun-kissed glow and perfect biceps.

Now, a new Tumblr account called "Feminist Mad Max" is taking the famous tagline and using it to accompany pictures from the new film "Mad Max: Fury Road." Written and directed by George Miller, the film came out on May 15 and stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Hugh Keays-Byrne. It has been praised by movie critics, but has also received backlash by men's rights groups for being "too feminist."

The Tumblr page includes pictures from the most progressive scenes of "Mad Max: Fury Road." The page is perfectly fitting given the strong feminist themes within the film.

Here's how "Feminist Mad Max" fights for female empowerment:

1. It suggests that women are just as capable of fighting the bad guys as men are.

2. It gets rid of the "damsel in distress" stereotype in many Hollywood action films.

3. It portrays women as more than just the sidekicks.

From Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video to "Feminist Mad Max" on Tumblr, strong women in action are breaking the internet. Will this trend continue in Hollywood?

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Click through this slideshow to see more Twitter reactions to the enlightening trending Tumblr page:

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