Formerly paralyzed football player pulls off TWO stunners at graduation

Chris Norton Pulls Off TWO Stunners at Graduation
Chris Norton Pulls Off TWO Stunners at Graduation

In 2010 during his freshman year at Luther College, Chris Norton became paralyzed while playing football. He was told that he had a 3% chance of ever moving his legs again.

However, this weekend Norton defied the odds. After a year of intense physical therapy, Norton showed off the results by walking across the stage, with the help of his girlfriend, Erica Summers, at his college graduation.

In a video he posted to Youtube, Norton said, "I've been getting stronger and stronger and I really want to show everyone how far I've come. You've just got to go out there and make it happen." According to Norton, his goal of over one year was to be able to walk across the stage at graduation.

Not only did Norton fulfill this year-long goal this weekend, but he also proposed to Summers. She said yes, and the two are now happily engaged!

After his injury, Norton volunteered to help others with similar life-altering spinal cord injuries. He plans to continue physical therapy to get even stronger. He claims to be extremely thankful and appreciative of being able to walk at his graduation. He says that he appreciates the small things in life now more than he did before his injury.

Click through this slideshow to see people's Twitter reactions to Norton's inspiring accomplishment:

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