Elephant grabs tourist's GoPro and takes world's first 'elfie'

Elephant Grabs Tourist's GoPro and Takes World's First 'Elfie'
Elephant Grabs Tourist's GoPro and Takes World's First 'Elfie'

One traveler found out when you're snapping pics with elephants, there's no need for a selfie stick.

It's being called the world's first 'Elfie' after an elephant grabbed a tourist's camera and snapped an epic photo. Christian LeBlanc says he got this shot of a lifetime in Thailand. He bought a basket of bananas to feed the elephant, but when the gentle giant was done with those it wanted more.

LeBlanc said the elephant became very touchy looking for more food, and grabbed his GoPro. LeBlanc said he had the camera set to continuously shoot and when the elephant extended his nose all the way out, it captured this viral photo.

He's documenting his travels across Southeast Asia on social media and hopes to catch the attention of daytime television. He attached the hashtag 'Elfie on Ellen' to get this and his other adventures on her show.

Yes, getting the world's first elephant selfie was pretty cool, but if he wanted to get that on 'Ellen' he should have brought along some music to get the elephant to dance.

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