America, Hillary has finally dropped her pants...suit

Hillary Clinton Launches Online Apparel Shop, Pantsuit Included
Hillary Clinton Launches Online Apparel Shop, Pantsuit Included

Hillary Clinton. Wife of former President Bill Clinton, a 2016 Presidential Candidate, and now I guess she can add fashion icon to the list because she just dropped her pants. Mhm, you read right, girl finally dropped her pantsuit line.


Clinton finally dropped her online store that is loaded with all of your MUST HAVE Hillary for President 2016 items. You can get almost anything from pint glasses, I <3 H mugs, and so much more that you wouldn't believe could help a presidential candidate dominate the polls of this proud nation.

Hillary said herself that this is all part of her initiative to show that she's not just any presidential candidate, but a cool presidential candidate. This entirely made in America swag will not only help you give Hillary some publicity, but will assure that all eyes will be on you.

Here's a quick history lesson on the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit:
The pantsuit was invented in the early 1920s when some women decided that they wanted to adapt a much more masculine style. It wasn't until the 1960s that they become more widespread for women and in the later years eventually sparked Clinton's eye. Now Hillary is now known for wearing pantsuits on almost every formal occasion. With that being said, Bill, we all know who wears the pants in the family.


Move over Kris Jenner, you might be the 'momager' of Kardashian, but you ain't got nothing on Ms. Hillary who is looking to become the momager of the proud nation of 'merica.

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