95-year-old woman plans to retire as aerobics instructor

95-Year-Old Aerobics Instructor from New Hampshire Retires
95-Year-Old Aerobics Instructor from New Hampshire Retires

NEWPORT, N.H. —A 95-year-old woman from Goshen is retiring as an aerobics instructor after more than 23 years.

Lilyan Wright has taught every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning on her own time.

"All of these women are awesome. They keep me going," Wright said.

Wright called the women in her class "Lil's Limber Ladies." She taught physical education for most of her life and said she has always led an active lifestyle.

She said she has never gone easy on herself and doesn't go easy on her students.

The class involves different exercises, including dancing. She has a break about halfway through to discuss what's going on around town.

PJ Lovely, director of the recreation center in Newport, said she has watched Wright teach for years.

"She has kept them out of nursing homes," Lovely said. "She's kept them exercising. She has kept them in their houses longer and enjoying quality of life. It's really amazing to see what she has done for the people in this class."

Wright said that while she has decided to stop teaching, she still plans to come to class.

"I am going to be in the class, but I have to keep my mouth shut," she said.

Wright said she will miss being the boss, but looks forward to many more years.

"It will be fun to have other people take over and see what they do," she said. "I'm always willing to learn something new. I love to do that."

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