Parachutist crashes into power lines during Memorial Day display

Parachutist Crashes Into Power Lines During Memorial Day Display

A parachutist jumping as part of the opening display for Winchester, Tennessee's 'Red White And You' event hit a group of power lines on his way down.

John Pitts, the man involved in the accident was the first to jump from the plane and was carrying a large American flag.

When he made contact with the lines, there was a brief power outage and the crowd was rendered largely speechless.

Pitts suffered some scrapes, but other than that was uninjured by the mishap.

He was taken to an area hospital where his abrasions were treated, but it wasn't long before he was discharged.

When he left the facility, he was able to do so on his own two feet.

It also appears that he was in good humor, as a picture of him shows he's wearing a t-shirt that reads, "I'm a successful dropout."

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