Josh Duggar joke about incest resurfaces amid molestation scandal

Josh Duggar Jokes About Incest In Resurfaced 2008 Clip
Josh Duggar Jokes About Incest In Resurfaced 2008 Clip

A recently resurfaced video from 2008 shows Josh Duggar making an incest joke about his younger siblings.

Last week "19 Kids And Counting" reality star and now-former Family Research Council executive director apologized after reports surfaced saying he molested several children as a teenager, some of which are believed to be his own sisters. And now a clip from 2008 (six years after it's believed he molested the underage girls) has resurfaced.

In the clip the now 27-year-old tells a story where he and his then-fiancee Anna needed a chaperone to see a movie, a requirement of his strict religious parents. His little sister Jinger was too young to see a rated R film, so he brought his younger siblings Jana and John David instead.

"We thought why not have a double date," Josh says. "We are from Arkansas!"

As innocent as the joke may have sounded at the time, it sounds evil in the wake of In Touch Weekly's report that Josh Duggar molested five young girls in 2002. It also calls into question how sincere his apology is, as he felt comfortable to make incest jokes in the first place.

TLC has since pulled "19 Kids And Counting" from the air and Josh Duggar has resigned from his position at the Family Research Council.