50M gallons of water lost after vandals destroy California dam

Police in Fremont California are currently investigating the vandals who deflated a rubber damn early Thursday morning.

The act let out nearly 50 million gallons of drinking water, enough to keep 500 homes afloat for a year.

Not only were local residents in disbelief that someone would carry out the act under the harsh circumstances, but the local Mayor also voiced his grave concerns on the issue.

Fremont Mayor, Bill Harrison, claims that both the state and federal bodies aren't doing enough to protect California's vulnerable infrastructure in place, citing that the dam is the latest example of funding that's sorely lacking.

"Hopefully items like this will raise attention to not just local leaders, but to state and federal leaders, that we need more money for infrastructure to make sure that our city and our regions are safe," Harrison said to NBC Los Angeles. "We need to make sure we're investing in infrastructure or things like this are just going to continue to happen."

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