Charleston teacher plants a seed by giving students $100 each

Teacher Gives Students $100 Each To Teach Lesson
Teacher Gives Students $100 Each To Teach Lesson

A Charleston, South Carolina private school teacher goes above and beyond to educate her students, giving each of them one hundred dollars.

According to The Post and Courier, tenth grade english teacher Robin Gramling begins each new school year by teaching the biblical "Parable of Talents." In Matthew:25, a wealthy master gives his three servants a measure of gold according to their talents before embarking on a long journey. The first two invest the money to make a profit, but the third buries it in the ground. When the master returns, the first two servant are praised for their accomplishments and the third is cast out for being lazy.

The First Baptist School teacher ends her lesson by distributing envelopes to her students containing a one hundred dollar bill. She challenges them to double the money and give it to a non profit charity of their choice.

While the lesson may seem crazy, it works. Since she started teaching in 2011 her students have donated more than $51,000 to charity with money raised from bake sales, lemonade stands, and other fundraisers.

"In English literature, what you're doing all the time is exploring themes," Gramling explains. "And all those themes have to do with exploring the human condition. What do people struggle with? What breaks them? What transforms them? What do they live or die for?"

The english teacher explores those conditions by confronting them, and helping out the community in the process.

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