Watch: stunning sun halo dazzles Mexico City

WATCH: Stunning 'Sun Halo' Amaze Mexico City
On Thursday, residents of Mexico City were treated to a dazzling spectacle when a halo formed around the sun above the Mexican capital.

Haloes like this one appear around the sun or moon when light is refracted by ice crystals in high-altitude clouds.

In spite of the scientific explanation, many thought the halo was cause for concern. Some cited an alien invasion, a bad omen, or even the apocalypse.

Many took to Twitter to post photos of the beautiful, rainbow-like halo.

Click through to the end of the slideshow to see memes people posted about it:

Sun Halo Mexico City
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Watch: stunning sun halo dazzles Mexico City
Halo seen around the Sun in Mexico City. #HaloSolar
#sunhalo right now in #MexicoCity #DF
Joining the Mexico City sun halo picture frenzy
Due to peculiar atmospheric conditions the sun over mexico is displaying a halo usually only common in boreal regions
#SunHalo today. Looks like a #rainbow around the sun. I was lucky to catch a passing plane.
A #halo around the sun is seen in the sky above #MexicoCity on Thursday. #sunhalo Photo:AFP
@CNN The Sun in Mexico City. All around the world? #SunHalo
Whoa! Happening now. #SunHalo over the Angel of Independence. #EarthSky #special
I can see your Halo, Halo, Haloo! #HaloSolar
People of earth, lend me your energy! #HaloSolar
Nothing to see here. #HaloSolar
¿#HaloSolar? ¡Pos selfie!
Meanwhile in #MexicoCity a sign maybe of The Smiths reunion? #HaloSolar @Stphns @elola_ @gdelunag
No,wait! I got it!it's because it's #Morrissey's birthday TOMORROW our Lord's birthday #HaloSolar @Stphns @elola_

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