The world might be running out of prosecco and it's not okay

Prosecco Panic: Trouble for the Bubbles This Summer?
Prosecco Panic: Trouble for the Bubbles This Summer?

As soon as you've read this article, run to your nearest liquor store and stock up on enough prosecco to last you the entire summer! Due to bad weather and increased demand (sorry not sorry), USA TODAY reports that we could be expecting a prosecco shortage.

Brace yourself for a much less bubbly summer than you expected. Say goodbye to mid-morning mimosas, Friday after-work bottle pops, and Fourth of July fizzles. College grads: don't even think about taking the traditional champagne shower this year.

Export manager of prosecco manufacturer Bisol Roberto Cremonese said:

"Last year's harvest was very poor, and down by up to 50% in some parts, so there is a very real possibility of a global shortage...A lot of the vines in the DOC area are newly planted and they ended up soaked – the grapes were rotten and yields were down by half in some cases."

As well as a poor harvest, Cremonese claims that merchants have been releasing prosecco onto the market very slowly while simultaneously increasing prices.

According to Cremonese, we'll find out the true severity of the problem in August when the brokers release their stock. As of now, we have no idea how much prosecco they have.

We're not okay with the loss of our beloved bubbly. Hold on to your prosecco, consumers. Better to be safe than sorry!

Click through this slideshow to see celebs enjoying their summer prosecco:

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