Texas police warned of new threats from biker gangs

Bulletin Warns Waco Bikers Are Threatening Officers And Their Families
Bulletin Warns Waco Bikers Are Threatening Officers And Their Families

The Texas Department of Public Safety released a bulletin warning police of new threats from biker gangs angered over the shootout in Waco last Sunday.

According to the bulletin released on Thursday, members of the Bandidos biker gang with access to military-grade weapons "are supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives" to target top level officers and their families with car bombs. The biker gang is seeking revenge after police shot at their members during the shootout in Waco.

Waco police Sgt. W Patrick Swanton spoke with CNN's Erin Burnett and explained officers commonly deal with threats, but he also had a message for those making these particular threats:

"The incident that occurred here Sunday afternoon ... was an absolute tragedy," Sgt. Swanton explained. "However, those of you that were there know that we did absolutely nothing to start that. We would ask you to remember that and remind you that although you have totally different ways from us, law enforcement did not start the melee."

The shootout outside a Waco restaurant on Sunday killed nine bikers. Authorities say a few officers began firing in response to gunfire, but it's unclear how many bikers were hit by police-fired bullets.

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