Is the drink of royalty ... green juice?

Kate Middleton Has Been Stocking Up on This Drink
Kate Middleton Has Been Stocking Up on This Drink

You may not have been born into royalty, but apparently you can drink like one.

Kate Middeton has reportedly been getting green juices delivered every three days thanks to little sis Pippa, who reportedly even has Prince William drinking them, a source told US Weekly.

Pippa's studying to be a nutritionist, and while articles insist that Kate's not dieting, she does reportedly enjoy a little extra boost of greens in the morning. US Weekly reports that the 33-year-old is tossing back her tonic "in her 10-bedroom Anmer Hall estate in Norfolk."

The Duchess used to make juices and smoothies herself, but when you're looking after an adorable little prince and princess, this sounds like it would be a lot easier. Kate's also reportedly been frequenting an organic farm shop buying fresh local produce.​

The IB Times notes that the "healthful practice helped Kate slim down before her royal wedding in 2011."

So there you have it -- you're apparently one sip away from feeling a little more regal.

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