'Batkid Begins' trailer perfectly captures Miles Scott's heartwarming, viral adventure

Batkid Begins Trailer Shows Cancer Survivor Miles Scott Is a Real Superhero
Batkid Begins Trailer Shows Cancer Survivor Miles Scott Is a Real Superhero

"Gotham City needs you, Batkid!"

The trailer for Batkid Begins has debuted, and it's nearly as heartwarming as the event it chronicles itself.

Dana Nachman's documentary follows young cancer survivor Miles Scottand how his Make-A-Wish event took San Francisco -; and the nation -; by storm. After fighting leukemia, he had one wish: to be a sidekick to Batman, named Batkid. Through Make-A-Wish, he was able to realize his dreams of superhero-dom on Nov. 15, 2013, in what became a social media phenomenon.

San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City, as thousands lined the streets to cheer Scott on. Police escorted Scott through the city, while actors portrayed criminals for Batkid to fight. The boy received the key to the city, the San Francisco Chronicle produced a special edition, and millions upon millions helped the event become a viral sensation. Beyond the stars who lauded him online, actors who had played the hero onscreen commended Scott for his heroic deed and called him "the best Batman ever."

New Line picked up worldwide distribution rights to the doc last month, as well as narrative remake rights, which pertain to an additional project on the topic being developed by producerJulia Roberts.

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Batkid Begins opens in limited release June 26 before expanding nationwide throughout July. Watch the trailer below.