Yearbook highlighting negative events sparks controversy

Yearbook Highlighting Negative Events Sparks Controversy
Yearbook Highlighting Negative Events Sparks Controversy

Yearbooks are known for highlighting the good times and special memories, but some students are calling one Indiana high school yearbook "disrespectful."

This year's yearbook for North Central High School included some negative events.

There was a section remembering an assistant swim coach who was fired after he was charged with child seduction.

"Carrington is accused of touching a 16-year-old student and sending her sexual text messages," a WRTV reporter said.

"I mean first of all, it's so negative. That's not really the way I want to remember my senior year. But also because this poor girl. ... She's not going to be able to forget this. It's literally printed in something that everyone sees," said student Allie Wineland.

Another section remembers an alumnus of the school who was kidnapped and executed by ISIS in November. He'd been working in Syria as a volunteer before he was abducted.

The wording of the two features was to-the-point. For the alumnus who was killed by ISIS, the two-sentence write-up mentioned who he was and what happened, but some say he deserved more.

"The way that they put it in the yearbook was harsh and classless. You would've expected like, maybe, a bigger tribute of, really, a local hero," said student Brett Schneider.

"We each get one life, and that's it. We get one shot at this. ... The way I saw it, I didn't have a choice. This is what I was put here to do," Abdul-Rahman Kassig, formerly know as Peter Kassig, told CNN in 2012, two years before his death.

The high school has yet to comment on this yearbook, which was distributed Tuesday. However, WRTV reports that the school is expected to honor the slain alumnus at this year's graduation ceremony.

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