Watch these 'Super Speeders' push 200 mph on the same streets you drive

Watch These 'Super Speeders' Push 200 MPH on the Same Streets You Drive
Watch These 'Super Speeders' Push 200 MPH on the Same Streets You Drive

It's a real life Fast and Furious on the same highways that you drive. Many of these so-called super speeders hit speeds in excess of 100 mph. Some are so proud of their exploits they post videos on the internet.

In one video, a supercharged Corvette hit a mind-boggling 195 mph!

A Ferrari can be seen crossing lanes and causing total mayhem in another video.

One super speeder even goes airborne leading to a disaster. The car literally takes to the air

Fast and Furious star Paul Walker was killed when the Porsche he was riding in crashed at 100 mph. But Walker's tragic death is apparently a lesson that many super-speeders have yet to learn.

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Just how dangerous are super speeders? INSIDE EDITION's I-squad hit the road with the California Highway Patrol of Orange County, where they take to the air to crack down on speeding. In no time, they caught three drivers doing 80 - at least.

Rob Ferretti runs the website It's filled with videos of drivers pushing the needle well into the triple digits - and he's a super speeder too! He thinks there's nothing wrong with what he does, but many people question whether his website promotes unsafe driving.

"What's the fastest you've ever gone?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero.

"Excellent question," he replied. "Probably with nobody around, plus or minus 200."

An astonished Guerrero replied, "200 mph? On a public street?"

"On a public street," he said.

"That's so dangerous," she said.

He replied, "If a car drives 200 mph on a public street with nobody around to see it, did it really happen?"

During our interview, Guerrero had to ask him to slow down, "We're speeding right now by the way. We're going 70 and it's 45 [mph speed limit.]"

"So recently there was an accident not far from here where a man died," Guerrero told him. "The police say that he was killed by someone who was speeding. And that person was your brother. What's your response to that?"

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"It's something I want to address, but I can't because of pending litigation," he replied.

That's right, he still speeds even after his own brother was charged with vehicular homicide for killing a 56-year old father.

Ferretti's brother has pled not guilty, but police say as long as knuckleheads keep driving fast and furious on our nation's roadways, more tragedy is inevitable.