'Survivor: Worlds Apart' winner revealed!

Warning: Spoilers for the Survivor: Worlds Apart finale ahead! Don't read if you don't know the winner!

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After weeks of hard-fought competition, reality favorite Survivor crowned its season 30 champion Wednesday night, sending oil driller Mike Holloway back home to Texas with a check for $1 million.

Survivor: Worlds Apart initially separated contestants into three groups based on their employment status: white collar, blue collar, and no collar, and the final three contestants represented each of the groups, with Holloway being joined by corporate executive Carolyn Rivera and "YouTube sensation" Will Sims II in the final tribal council.

Though Mike dominated the final days of Survivor competition, winning each of the reward and immunity challenges during the finale episode, the decision ultimately came down to the vote of the jury. Some former teammates criticized Holloway for his calculations in playing the game and others wondered if choosing to bring the more sympathetic Carolyn, dubbed "Mama C" by her fellow competitors, was a mistake.

However, once the votes were counted, Mike was the clear cut choice for the with six of the eight jury votes, taking home the cash and the title of Ultimate Survivor.

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'Survivor' Winner Natalie Reveals $1 Million Plans
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