Soon-to-be drivers in Maryland won't have to parallel park for their drivers test

Teenage drivers rejoice!

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has crossed parallel parking off of it's drivers test. That's right, those hoping to obtain their license in Maryland won't have to try and get their car in between those annoying orange traffic cones.

Officials have stated that the two-point reverse turn and the on-road portion are sufficient to assess a driver's skill. What happens when you're driving down a one-way and the only spot open is one between two cars, then what? That's a lot of circling the block to find a pull-through.

Something tells us there will be a lot of empty parking spaces in Maryland. Unless you're the guy in the video below. Then you could pretty much park in between anything.

World Record for the Tightest Parallel Park
World Record for the Tightest Parallel Park

Do you think the Maryland should put parallel parking back on the drivers test? Let us know in the comments below!

Click through the gallery to see some truly confusing parking signs!

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