Science proves what pet owners already know: dogs, cats have complex feelings

Study Reveals How Cats and Dogs Feel Emotions
Study Reveals How Cats and Dogs Feel Emotions

HOUSTON, TX – Pet owners have known it since ... forever, but now it's becoming a scientific truth that cats and dogs have feelings.

Back in 2013, researchers at Emory University in Atlanta used MRI's to prove that dogs experience complex feelings and that their bond with humans is not based solely on food and basic needs, thereby opening this new area of research.

"Our studies show that dogs recognize the scent of people they live with and that they have positive feelings for them", said Gregory Berns, Emory neuroscientist and author of the book "How Dogs Love Us."

Now, neuroscientists at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest took these assumptions even further, by suggesting that dogs can also recognize and react to the sounds of laughter or crying, almost as accurately as humans.

And what about cats? Well, they're somewhere around, doing their own thing, as always. However, researchers at Vienna University and University of Messina in Italy have suggested that our beloved felines adapt their general behavior to that of their owners. A-meow-zing! So, now you know pets have emotions, and take our word for it, they probably have opinions, too.

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