Samantha Bee from 'The Daily Show' is about to join the Late Night club

TBS Releases Teaser for Samantha Bee's New Show The Detour
TBS Releases Teaser for Samantha Bee's New Show The Detour

The former 'Daily Show' correspondent Samantha Bee is about to take her own spot in late night television. Her series will debut on TBS, joining Conan O'Brein in their late night lineup.

This past week, TBS released a new teaser highlighting Bee looking at photos of some familiar male faces in the late night genre. While looking at the photos in a museum setting, a waiter comes out offering a variety of sausages, where Bee states she's done with them.

The native Canadian comedian was on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' for nearly 12 years before saying her final goodbye to the show on May 1st. Her fellow Daily Show correspondent and husband, Jason Jones, left the show earlier this year as well. Jones is developing an unscripted series based on their family vacations called 'The Detour'. Both Bee and Jones will be executive producers on each others upcoming series.

Bee's new series will make her the leading female face in late night television. This move is following the backlash that many networks have received for not being diverse with the genders and ethnicities of leading on-air talent. Chelsea Handler, who has recently taken a break from late night television, has been the only other recognizable female in the late night genre.

You can catch Samantha Bee's new series later this year.

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