Prankster buys billboard to tell everyone about his new hat

Prankster Buys Billboard To Tell Everyone About His New Hat
Prankster Buys Billboard To Tell Everyone About His New Hat

The Internet is newly obsessed with a man named Curt Oren who bought a new hat -- and then paid for a billboard to advertise his purchase.

This story started on Reddit and is now one of the most clicked-on stories on Buzzfeed.

While the billboard may be the most over-the-top way Curt told the world about his hat, he also made a T-shirt that says "Do you know about my new hat?" His license now seems to read "New Hat," and he also added two words to his Facebook name ... and you guessed it ... the two words are "New Hat."

After Curt's friend realized that Curt had spent every dime he had on the "new hat" billboard, he created a website to raise money to help Curt "get back on his feet."

Curt even took to Facebook to admit that he's "addicted" to jokes and pranks like this one.

Guys, I'm in trouble. I've had this problem for a long time, but only now have I finally hit rock bottom.I'm addicted...

Posted by Curt Oren on Saturday, May 16, 2015

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