MiLB to debut 'Frankenslice' Pizza with a hot dog stuffed crust

MiLB to Debut 'Frankenslice' Pizza with a Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

Baseball, the all-American past time. You're out in the fresh air, bonding with friends and family, possibly witnessing history ... and now hot dog pizza.

There's a new contender for "most ridiculous concession item at a ballpark" competition. This, is the Frankenslice - a pizza with a hot dog crust. You can thank the Fresno Grizzlies, the minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros, for this creation.

They're also having some fun with the name too. People call food mash-ups Frankenfoods, and this pizza will debut as part of the teams Halfway to Halloween Promotion. But they're also being pretty literal about it because it's actually a frank IN A slice.

Hence, Frankenslice.
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