LeBron James injured by TNT cameraman in Game 1

Cavaliers Strike First in Atlanta
Cavaliers Strike First in Atlanta

The Cleveland Cavaliers are so close to the NBA Finals they can taste it — but they know better than anyone how quickly a title run can be thrown off. LeBron James is the Cavaliers life line this postseason, and having the line severed by an injury is the last thing anyone needs.

It almost happened though, as TNT almost had millions of Cavaliers fans kicking in their door after an incident in Game 1.

In the third quarter of Game 1, LeBron James stepped on a TNT cameraman who wasn't where he was supposed to be midcourt.

Of course, Floyd Mayweather was right there to see the whole thing, but you don't really want him as your character witness in a crime like this.

LeBron James getting injured would be crushing to the Cavaliers chances of wining the NBA Finals this year. He eventually returned to the game after being injured, but this is the second scare in just a few games for LeBron James and that's something that is going to weigh heavy on the minds of Cavaliers fans everywhere.

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