Kristen Bell supports Ashton Kutcher, says paparazzi still a threat to kids

Ashton Kutcher Slams Media For Publishing Photos of Daughter Wyatt
Ashton Kutcher Slams Media For Publishing Photos of Daughter Wyatt

Kristen Bell is showing her support for Ashton Kutcher after the actor slammed several media outlets for posting photos of his 7-month-old daughter, Wyatt.

"If you are taking a picture of my child, that is my decision, that has nothing to do with my profession," Bell told ETonline. "So I would agree with [Kutcher's] outrage or disappointment."

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Bell, 34, and husband Dax Shepard, 40, are the proud parents to two-year-old Lincoln and five-month-old Delta. They have been instrumental in rallying several media outlets to adopt a "No Kids Policy" in their celebrity coverage. While the couple has made major strides in preventing publications from purchasing photos of celebrities' children, Bell admits that the paparazzi is still a serious threat.

"Any time somebody is doing something to your child that you don't approve of that's a threat," she added. "I'll echo what I said before: this is not a celebrity issue, it's a parent issue."

"I think the consumer is now more aware of where the pictures come from," she said. "I really think it's still going to be up to the people consuming the media to decide whether or not they want to exploit these kids for their amusement."

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ETonline caught up with the House of Lies star at the Laughter Is The Best Medicine event where she was honored for her efforts in improving women's health worldwide.

"To be among that group I'm like pretty sure I'm a doctor now but I can't guarantee it," she joked. "It's nice to be acknowledged, though I don't really feel special in any way. I feel like there are a lot of other mothers who stand up for what they believe in because they think they deserve to care for everyone."

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One thing Bell really believes in when it comes to her children is that they share their parents' passion for all things Game of Thrones. So much in fact that Kristen and Dax have trained their daughter Lincoln to parrot the HBO hit's most memorable lines. "That's only because I like to exploit my children for my amusement only," she explained. "I will be the only one doing that in my lifetime."

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