KFC has keyboard trays so you can text with greasy hands

KFC Has Keyboard Trays So You Can Text with Greasy Hands
KFC Has Keyboard Trays So You Can Text with Greasy Hands

KFC came up with a keyboard that lets people seamlessly eat greasy food and text without taking a five second break from eating to wipe your hands with a napkin.

Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Germany lined their serving trays with Bluetooth keyboards instead of the normal paper liners. It is called the Tray Typer and it was developed by a company called Serviceplan. All you have to do is sync the keyboard to your phone and you're good to go. The promotion only lasted a week and according to marketers, it was a hit and everyone who used it took it home. This actually isn't the first keyboard themed promotion from KFC either. In 2014, they held a contest and 3 lucky winners took home either a fried chicken keyboard, mouse, or thumb drive.

I mean, if you ignore the fact that its sole purpose is so you can shove greasy food into your mouth while simultaneously staying attached to your smart phone... it's a kind of a cool idea. I also love how they threw a salad in this promo video - come on, KFC. You're not fooling anyone with that.

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