John Legend says he has one person to thank for this year's success

The Billboard Music Awards: John Legend Wins Top Radio Song
The Billboard Music Awards: John Legend Wins Top Radio Song

Hot off the Billboard Music Awards, John Legend isn't slowing down and he sincerely told AOL that he's got one person to thank for this year's successes – and it isn't the Academy or the Hollywood Foreign Press.

"I have to thank my wife, because all of the success from this year has been for "All of Me," and I wrote that about her," Legend told AOL in an exclusive interview ahead of his concert for Stella Artois "Host Beautifully" event. "I am definitely finding inspiration from our relationship."

Legend revealed that he's already back in the studio working on his next album. But despite the fact that "All of Me" was a huge hit, fans shouldn't expect an entire set dedicated to his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

"I don't want people to think that when you listen to the albums, that this is me giving people a complete play-by-play of our relationship, he shared. "I've always written about other stuff that wasn't immediately autobiographical."

The 36-year-old crooner is aiming to put his next album on the shelf in 2016 and said the process is similar to a discovery process. "You go into it thinking that you want to do this roughly, but I feel like every time you write a song, you're really discovering something. You can't predict where it is going to go sometimes."

Even with all the success throughout 2015 – Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes, BBMAs – the humble singer still says he prefers to be in the studio over accepting awards for it.

"I am actually more nervous for accepting an award than I am for singing. When I did the one for the Oscars recently, I was definitely mentally prepared, but when I walked up there, I was really nervous. I didn't want to f—ck it up."

Unfortunately or fortunately for Legend – the award acceptance speeches will likely continue to be in his future. He scooped up two at the Billboard Music Award on Sunday alone, but his plan is to just stay focused on the music.

"I think if you think about awards too much, then you won't win them. You just gotta go out there and try and make the best music and the best art you can make."