J.J. Watt shows off nasty bruise he got against Bills

JJ Watt Does Very Impressive Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression
JJ Watt Does Very Impressive Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

J.J. Watt is arguably the most dominant force in the NFL. Wherever the Houston Texans line him up on the defensive line, he's causing a world of problems for the opposing offense.

Sometimes that leads to opposing offenses getting a bit cheeky with him.

As the Buffalo Bills tried to slow him down on Sept. 28—something they were failing at doing for most of the game—they apparently found some creative ways to slow Watt down. That resulted in a crazy bruise on Watt's right leg, which he finally shared yesterday on Twitter:

The fact that Watt didn't come out of the game or miss any games after incurring that bruise on his leg. He truly is a warrior that deserves every ounce of respect that we give to him.

Furthermore, I'd be scared if I were the Bills. The Texans travel to Buffalo for game on Dec. 6, which means Watt will be facing off against the Bills too. Considering that he posted the picture this Wednesday, it's safe to say that he hasn't forgotten what they did to him. If I'm the Bills, that makes me quite frightened of what's going to happen when he's across the line from my offense.

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