Florida's new Legoland Hotel is a child's paradise

Legoland Hotel Opens in Winter Haven
Legoland Hotel Opens in Winter Haven

The new Legoland Hotel in Winter Haven, Florida is now open and it looks like every child's dream playground.

Of course, the entire grounds are covered in elaborate Lego structures for visitors to touch and play with. It took $445,000 just to build the dragon in the extravagant hotel entrance and that's just one piece of the lavish Lego-inspired decor. Kids (and adults) can go beyond seeing and touching these life-size Lego structures, they can go behind-the-scenes to see how these amazing pieces are actually built by the pros.

The Legoland Hotel is currently a 250-room hotel, but the General Manager says he has hopes of expansion in the future as it is nearly 40% booked through the rest of the year.​

As the cherry on top, the hotel is only 135 "kid" steps away from the Legoland park, making it a prime family vacation destination.

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