Ellen DeGeneres launching a fashion and housewares line

Ellen DeGeneres Launching a Fashion and Housewares Line
Ellen DeGeneres Launching a Fashion and Housewares Line

A lot of us watch Ellen DeGeneres' show and think I want to be as funny as her or maybe, I want to dance like her ... But if you ever watched the show and said, I want to dress like her, now's your chance.

The comedienne and talk show host announced she's launching a lifestyle brand called 'E-D' that's set to hit store shelves in mid-June.

DeGeneres tells Refinery 29 she often had clothes made for her because she had trouble finding pieces she liked or that fit her. After people started responding to her style on her talk show, she decided to create a line inspired by her style, which will include blazers, sweaters, T-shirts, and of course, bomber jackets.

In addition to the women's line, the brand will also include bags, jewelry, and housewares such as pillows and throws and place settings — which going from the one picture on the brand's Instagram, will involve a lot of blue and imagery of cats.

Degeneres calls her line not feminine, and not masculine. But when the top price for pieces includes $500 for a throw and $600 for outerwear, there's another thing it's not: Affordable for everyone.

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