Elephant's epic selfie with a man in Thailand is making history

Elephant Grabs Tourist's GoPro and Takes World's First 'Elfie'
Elephant Grabs Tourist's GoPro and Takes World's First 'Elfie'

We've all taken the occasional 'selfie' with our pets, but can you imagine an actual elephant grabbing your camera and snapping a picture?

Christian LeBlanc, a 22-year-old college student, was studying abroad in Thailand with his girlfriend. While sight-seeing on Koh Phangan Island, they came across a couple of elephants. The two bought bananas nearby to feed the regal mammals. When LeBlanc ran out, one of the elephants grabbed his GoPro camera by its mount. The camera's continuous shooting feature resulted in the world's first ever 'Elphie'.

It's been two months since the shot was taken and it has gained exposure worldwide.

LeBlanc plans to continue traveling for more epic shots. As for the elephant responsible for this epic moment in selfie history, watch out Kim Kardashian, there's a new star in town with a big trunk!

Now watch-- Elephants dance to violin music:

Elephants Dance to Violin Music
Elephants Dance to Violin Music

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