Connected Episode 16: Rocking the boat

Connected S1:E16  Rocking the Boat
Connected S1:E16 Rocking the Boat

If there's one thing apparent in the AOL Originals docu-series "Connected, it's that modern families come in all shapes and sizes. In episode 16, we see same-sex couple Eli and Ido explore adding another child to their family via surrogacy, and how Rosie's family has begun to embrace her current relationship with her post-divorce boyfriend.

For cast member Lori Levine, a successful business owner who is engaged to a father of four, the road to joining families continues to be a complicated one. In episode 16, a visit to the fertility doctor reveals that the possibility she and her fiancé Jan can conceive children is real. Though they are happy, they know they must be cautious about how they introduce this topic to his kids.

"When we told Jane that we were getting married, she didn't talk to us for two weeks," Jan says fifteen and a half minutes into the video. "We have to be very sensitive to their viewpoint on what this means to them."

"It's definitely a conversation to be had," Lori adds. "We're just trying to figure out what that conversation is."

When the couple talks about expanding their family with two of his children, their reaction isn't exactly positive. Watch how that conversation goes at 19:10.

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