Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel tell their viewers to watch Letterman instead

Conan O'Brien Tells His Audience To Watch Letterman
Conan O'Brien Tells His Audience To Watch Letterman

David Letterman's last show was a star-studded affair -- and Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jim Carrey and Jerry Seinfeld were only a few of the celebrities who stepped out for the occasion.

It wasn't just the stars present there who bid him farewell, though.

In the middle of his own show, Conan O'Brien told his viewers to "switch to Dave."

"Okay, now it's 11:35. Record us, but switch to Dave! Bye!"

Jimmy Kimmel also asked his audience to watch Letterman instead of his show, saying:

"I'd like it if you made sure to watch that instead of our show ... Especially if you are a young person who doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Dave is the best and you should see him."

It is no secret that Dave will be missed!

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