35 years after his assassination, Óscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador will be beatified

Beatification of El Salvador's Romero Confirms New Understanding in Church of Martyr
On May 23rd, 35 years after he was shot in the heart by a right-wing death squad assassin, Óscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador will be beatified.

Beatification is a recognition made by the Catholic Church to a deceased person who had a miracle take place through their prayer. The requirement of a miracle is not relevant to the canonization of those who died in martyrdom, as their divinity is evidenced by being killed "in hatred of the faith, charity, justice, or peace."

Romero was many things to many people. To some, he was a champion of the poor and a defender of human rights during some of El Salvador's darkest days. Others called him a supporter of armed revolution, a "Marxist guerilla clothed in a clerick's cassock."

Despite past controversy, today he is seen as a symbol to unite the Salvadoran people.

At least 250,000 people are expected to attend mass in the Plaza El Salvador del Mundo for the ceremony of beatification, a first step toward sainthood.

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Beatification of Oscar Romero
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35 years after his assassination, Óscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador will be beatified
Do you remember Archbishop #OscarRomero? Slain in El Salvador in 1980. Beatified on May 23. (Salvador Melendez/AP) http://t.co/PJNZzJ62EO
This week's paper is a 40-page special celebrating the beatification of #OscarRomero http://t.co/31gGiHEygU
Oscar Romero's face smiling down on the people here in #sansalvador #beatification #oscarromero http://t.co/pemoO9RkUy
Final preparations for the #beatification of #OscarRomero #ElSalvador http://t.co/7gZE7thrB7
Loved this @CAFOD picture... and the truly inspirational words from an inspirational man #OscarRomero http://t.co/n74lD0mL0W
Planning to watch this movie again with #OscarRomero's beatification this weekend. http://t.co/kabUbzdcA5
#OscarRomero: A Legacy of Struggle for Social Justice http://t.co/ZcCfIlbGWq
'#OscarRomero shed his blood for El Salvador's poor' http://t.co/7MxnTIbkeJ by Julian Filochowski http://t.co/8CSGcx2Dum

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