Why Chris Pratt says he avoids Kim Kardashian

Why Chris Pratt Says He Avoids Kim Kardashian
Why Chris Pratt Says He Avoids Kim Kardashian

One of the hottest movie stars says he's afraid of running into the world's biggest reality star.

In the latest issue of GQ, Chris Pratt says he hopes he never runs into Kim Kardashian because he's embarrassed about a raunchy joke he made about her on the set of "Parks and Recreation."

During the show's fourth season, Pratt improvised a joke abut Kardashian in a scene where his costars named public figures who had made successful comebacks, using wordplay to allude to Kardashian's sex tape.

While he says he thought the joke was funny, he asked that the footage be left off the DVD gag reel, but the clip made its way to YouTube where it has been viewed millions of times.

Pratt says having the joke out there is a bummer, and that he doesn't like to make jokes at others' expense. Pratt feels especially bad about joking about Kim because the two starred together in one of Pratt's first ever movies, an adult comedy called "Deep in the Valley." Pratt says Kardashian was nervous because she'd never really acted before and was so sweet.

But then years later when Pratt ran into Kardashian on an airplane, he was the nervous one, telling GQ he would just rather avoid her.

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