What are the current presidential candidates worth?

What Are The Current Presidential Candidates Worth?
What Are The Current Presidential Candidates Worth?

Every time you see a politician sitting down for a meal with some quote regular people, they're simply trying to earn your vote by showing you how much like you they are. Most people just won't vote for a candidate who isn't relatable.

The problem is, statistically, these candidates aren't like you.

Besides the fact Hillary Clinton went to Yale and was First Lady of Arkansas and the United States, not to mention a Senator and Secretary of State, she and her husband are worth somewhere in the area of $55 million, putting them in the top 10% of the 1%. That puts them just a tad ahead of $51,000, what the average US household brings in each year.

So, that got us thinking: what are the other 2016 presidential candidates worth?

2016 Presidential Candidates Net Worth InsideGov

The only confirmed Democrat running not named Hillary, is Senator Bernie Sanders. While he's ranked 84th in the Senate for net worth, he's still not doing too poorly at over $460,000.

On the Republican side, there are 6 big name candidates officially running.

Marco Rubio is at almost $380,000 while Rand Paul comes in at $455,000. Entering the millionaire lounge, Senator Ted Cruz is worth $3.5 million, Mike Huckabee is up to $5 million, Dr. Ben Carson is worth $10 million dollars and Carly Fiorina is worth a staggering $80 million dollars.

Don't let any amount of handshaking and politicking fool you. The people running for president might have started from the bottom, but now they're far from relatable to the average person.

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