Special needs kids that were left out of their high school yearbook are getting an insert added

Mother Outraged as Special Needs Daughter Excluded From Yearbook
Mother Outraged as Special Needs Daughter Excluded From Yearbook

Amber Bailey and 16 other special needs students at Blue Peak High School in Tooele, Utah were left out of their yearbook this year.

For Amber, getting her new yearbook and searching for her photo was a tradition she had carried out since kindergarten. She looked forward to going through it and coloring everyone's picture on the pages.

Amber's mother called the school to demand why her daughter and the other students had been excluded. The school said they simply didn't have enough pages to include them.

Now, after being inundated with angry calls and emails, the school principal says he's going to add a special insert to the yearbook with photos of the excluded students, PEOPLE reports.


"We had decided that since these kids are supposed to be transitioning out of high school and moving into jobs and other programs, that maybe they didn't need to be involved in high school activities like a yearbook," he says. "Obviously, we were wrong."

While Amber was the only special needs student who purchased a yearbook, the school realized their error. "Even one person feeling excluded is one too many."

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