No charges for policeman who killed unarmed father of four

Grand Jury Sets Texas Policeman After Shooting of Mexican
Grand Jury Sets Texas Policeman After Shooting of Mexican

In Texas, a grand jury announced on Monday that a Grapevine police officer will not be indicted after he fatally shot an unarmed Mexican man.

Rubén García Villalpando, a married father of four, was shot twice in the chest on the side of a highway in February by Grapevine police officer Robert Clark after a brief car chase.

With the investigation closed, a dashcam video of the incident was released in which Villalpando is seen raising his hands as he walked unsteadily toward Clark, who repeatedly asked him to stop.

Villalpando was intoxicated at the time, the medical examiner's autopsy report said.

Villalpando's death is the third death this year involving questionable police tactics and Mexican migrant men. Protestors calling for the officer to face prosecution say the shooting was racially motivated. They also draw comparison to the police killings of unarmed black men in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City.


"If my husband had killed a police officer, he would be in jail," Marta Romero, Villalpando's widow told CNN. "But since it was the opposite, will they just leave it this way? Because an officer killed a man, because he killed an illegal and nothing more? What are a human's rights then? Now an animal gets more rights than a man."

Clark was placed on leave following the incident, but has returned to work in a desk job.

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