Icon makes a comeback in fast food commercial

Colonel Sanders Makes KFC Commercial Comeback
Colonel Sanders Makes KFC Commercial Comeback

KFC is turning 75 this year, and as a nod to their long history they're putting Colonel Sanders back into their commercials.

Actually, the real Colonel passed away over 3 decades ago. The role of the restaurant's founder is being played by Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond.

The spots will begin airing at the end of May.

Sneak previews are already circulating and show that Hammond is definitely up to the task of playing the iconic figure.

In them, he cracks jokes, sings, and shares buckets of fried chicken with all he meets.

Hammond does all of it with a hefty dose of Southern charm and, of course, while dressed in the Colonel's signature white suit.

The commercials are but a portion of the chain's larger efforts to revamp the brand while staying rooted in their history.

Restaurants are being given a more upscale look and new items are being introduced to the menu.

Said the US Chief Marketing Officer for the company, "The Colonel has always been at the core of everything we do ... The 75th anniversary is the perfect time to give him back to the people and remind everyone of what we're all about."

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