Earth's temperature paces toward another record-breaking year

2015 Report: On Pace for Record Warm Year
2015 Report: On Pace for Record Warm Year

The latest report on Earth's temperature is adding to the evident impact of global warming. 2015 appears to be on-pace for another record-breaking year of warmth following new data released from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

According to NOAA, the oceans are largely to blame for quickly rising temperatures. Sea surface temperatures in April were 1.08 degrees Fahrenheit above average, causing overall increased heat. NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency both back up NOAA's overall findings and confirm that is Earth is pacing toward another record-breaking heat year following 2014.

An El Niño condition, a climate cycle that can alter weather patterns from East Africa to Florida, is making things worse for climate temperatures. "El Niño conditions tend to enhance global temperatures, with stronger events having generally larger impacts," a NOAA analysis found.

The NOAA explains in a statement why rising sea temperatures will have a substantial impact on Earth's climate.


The implications of a warmer ocean are considerable. First, because water expands as it warms, ocean heating is responsible for much of the sea-level rise we've observed.

Click through these photos on global warming for further information on the state of our climate:

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