Dog found curled in arms of owner killed by tornado gets adopted

Dog Found Curled In Arms Of Owner Killed By Tornado Gets Adopted

A dog who survived a tornado that killed her owners has been adopted by a rescue volunteer.

The Great Pyrenees had been found huddled underneath the arm of her owner David Tapley whose wife Brenda was nearby.

Neither survived the tornado that ripped through their town of Van, Texas on May 10. More than 40 residents were injured and the estimated cost of damage was $40 million.

The eight year-old dog was found by volunteers who were providing services for needy animals in the wake of the disaster.

She was initially found in bad condition, suffering from tornado-related injuries such as a head injury, hearing loss from a burst eardrum, skin abrasions, and emotional trauma.

Michelle Shockley, who was assisting the animal rescue efforts, decided to adopt the dog that same day and has since renamed her Emma.

Six of the Tapley's estimated 10 dogs survived the storm. Two have already been adopted while the others are being cared for by a local animal organization.
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