The cities with the worst mosquitos

The Cities with the Worst Mosquitos
The Cities with the Worst Mosquitos

For those with sweet skin, not even bug spray can help sworm off those pesky blooding sucking insects in the summertime

Here are the five worst mosquito cities in the U.S.

Houston ranks 5th on the list created by pest control company, Orkin. The list is based on the number of customers that bought mosquito control services.

After Houston, comes Detroit and Washington D.C. 4th and 3rd on the list respectively.

June, July and August are prime mosquito months in most areas. That's because they like to lay their eggs in stagnant water.

Coming in at number two - the windy city of Chicago.

And the worst mosquito city is surprisingly not Florida - which is what we would have guessed based on all the bug bite scars on my legs from living there for two years - but Atlanta.

Maybe thats why it's called Hot-lanta. Those who live there in the summer are stuck wearing long sleeves and pants to avoid those little suckers.