Senior pranksters put high school up for sale

Senior Pranksters Put High School Up for Sale
Senior Pranksters Put High School Up for Sale

How's this for a Craigslist ad? More than 50 rooms,10-plus bathrooms, two luxury kitchens, and a theatre among other amenities -- all for the low, low price of $2,015.

Dirt cheap, right? So, what's the catch?

Well, it's a school -- and it's a prank.

This particular senior prank was perpetrated by graduating senior Emily Woodmansee of Taylor High School in Cleves, Ohio.

WCPO reports that she put the idea together from several she saw online -- and so far, it's picked up a little traction.

"I was just kind of expecting it to be through the senior class first, and then maybe some people would, like, see it on like Facebook and stuff and start calling the school, and then it kind of got a little bigger."

Fortunately, neither the prank nor that publicity seems to be affecting her academic standing.

"I still get to graduate -- as far as I know," Emily affirmed.

According to the district's superintendent, though, trying to sell a reportedly $68 million school for around $2,000 might have disqualified her from at least one profession.

"She needs to not go into real estate because she wasn't anywhere close to the price."

For anyone who was initially fooled, there was one clue in the 'fine print' that should have given the listing away as a senior prank -- all of the underclassmen were included in the sale price.

Watch below for more on the story:

Senior Prank: School for Sale on Craigslist
Senior Prank: School for Sale on Craigslist

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